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Honour your loved one


When you lose someone close, one of the best ways to find healing is through the creation of custom monuments in their honour. Memorials in some form or another have existed for almost as long as humans have walked the earth.
Creating a headstone or monument is an important way to commemorate the life of someone you love and is also a physical visiting space where you can go and connect with them. This can be an important part of the healing process.
De Lai Monumental and Granite create custom designs that can be used to honour someone special in a way that is meaningful to you. Whether it’s something large and elaborate or you want to create something that is simple and understated, we can help you create just the right memorial for your loved one.

We can sit down with you to show you designs that we have done in the past, or you can give us information on the person to be remembered and we can create something brand new. You can even include shapes, photos and other intimate elements into the stone itself to make a resting place that’s truly unique.

Having trouble deciding on something? Have a look through our past work to find inspiration. Or, look to the things your loved one enjoyed in life to gain insight into the kind of monument that would be the right option.

We can create virtually anything you have in mind, whether it’s religious or features favourite themes or objects such as cars, sports teams, animals or anything else with meaning. Our number one goal is to help you make something fitting of your loved one’s legacy and something you will feel at peace with through the years.

Call or come in today for more information on our range of services. We also supply urns, plaques, funerary art and much more!
Full Monument — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
Head Stone — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
Refurbished monuments — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
Granite Monument — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
We can create monuments from a range of different stones and in a number of designs to provide exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want something large and detailed or the person you’re commemorating would have wanted something a little more laid back in nature, we can help you design and create something that feels right for you.

Check out our full array of monuments today for inspiration!
Headstone — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
Whether an elaborate gesture or a simple grave marker, we create headstones based on what you want for the remembrance of your loved one. You can choose from one of our designs or we can come up with something especially for you using ideas taken from the interests, passions and hobbies of the person being honoured.

Visit our headstones page for more information and to view our designs!
Concrete Headstone — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
We offer a variety of decorative plaques for a many different occasions. Whether to embrace the memory of someone who has passed on or to commemorate an important person or event, we can create a wide range of plaques fitting for what you have in mind. We’ll work with you to design something that is exactly what you want in the size you prefer.

Look at our decorative plaques for ideas and inspiration!
Funerary Art — De Lai Monumental and Granite in Atherton, QLD
We provide a number of accessories and funerary art to complete your ceremony or to remember someone you’ve lost. Choose from beautiful crosses and other religious art, along with striking statues and a wide range of other artwork both elaborate and elegantly understated.

View our gallery of funerary art today to see what we have to offer!