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Funerary Art
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Funerary art


Funerary art may be used less frequently than in times past but it can still play an important part in the healing process and in the honouring of the deceased. Its use has been recorded as far back as ancient civilisations when the artwork was often used to provide the dead with tools they could use in the afterlife or with guarding spirits that would help usher them into heaven.
Today, they are often used to represent sacred spiritual and religious beliefs, as well as to memorialise accomplishments and special talents or relationships of the departed. Historically, funerary art included valuable items such as gold, silver, pottery and other precious metals and stones with the idea that these items would be needed once the person had made their journey into the next life.
The use of this artwork spans across all timelines and most civilisations across the globe.
Although you may not believe funerary art is needed to help your loved one cross over, they can still be a great way to depict your spiritual and religious beliefs. Many people choose to depict crosses and angels as a sign of faith or any number of other religious symbols that were important to the person.
You can also choose to have statues of virtually anything that may have held meaning for your loved one, whether it's a love of animals and nature or a favourite sports team or motorcycle. We can create virtually anything to help you remember and appreciate the unique person your loved one truly was.
Choosing the right art for your loved one is a delicate process and one that should be undertaken with great care. For this reason, it’s often preferable to wait until a little time has passed after the death for you to begin the healing process and to let the dust settle after a funeral. There is no rush when it comes to creating a memorial for your loved one and you are more likely to make a decision that works for you now and for a lifetime.

Funerary art and accessories

We help families create funerary art they love and we can also help create whole mausoleums where your family can be laid to rest together. These can be done in a variety of sizes and in a range of styles spanning from very simple to incredibly elaborate and ornate in design with statues and carvings throughout.

Mausoleums can be constructed to entomb one person or an entire family, depending on your desires and budget. Our team can help you with whatever your option may be, no matter how simple or detailed.

If you want to see some of our custom products or discuss the type of art you would like to have created especially for you, get in touch with us today for more information.